About Us

“We are a company that aims to offer high product quality at very affordable prices, produces LadyMelex branded products that steer the market with its dynamic structure and innovative approaches, does not reduce product quality with the cost method it applies while producing, and has covered significant distances in this field.”

Our History

Quality, appreciation, trust…

Our “LadyMelex” brand, which has met with great customer interest, makes its retail sales in Trendyol.com, Turkey’s largest marketplace, in order to reach large segments. As LadyMelex, we have enriched our domestic sectoral experience with our overseas wholesale experience,



We started to export to more than 20 countries with our value-added products of high quality and standards.

Est. 2020

Our story…

LadyMelex Tekstil set out in May 2020 to take the first steps towards becoming a very big brand with a small budget.

While thinking about what can be sold, our company decided to sell pajamas as a result of research, and we started selling pajamas on Trendyol.com in May 2020.

We knew that we needed to add new products to our company, which sells pajamas until July 2020, and we were continuing the research in this direction. As a result of our research, we decided that we should be involved in the panty industry and offer solutions to panty needs.

Our company, which pressed the button for the production of “LadyMelex – Panties” products with the registration of the patent of our “LadyMelex” Brand in August 2020, started the sales by making the products it produces ready for sale on Trendyol.com.

We expanded our product range in a short time, determined the needs of our customers, changed the sale of classic panties into different combinations and reached more happy customers.

We made it sustainable to meet the needs and now we continue on our way with thousands of happy customers, thousands of nice comments and a very attentive team.

As of January 2022, we are bringing our products to more happy customers in more than 20 countries.

Our Future

Quality, economical, sustainable…

Continuing to make sales focused on quality, admiration and trust, without losing sustainable quality and permanent customer satisfaction,



achieve more ``Happy Customers`` goals...

Our Core Values

To produce quality, economical, sustainable products.